Thank you…

Praise him! Praise him!

Let everything that has breath praise the Lord.
God you are great! You are adorable!
You are beautiful in all ways.
You are correct all the time.
You are dangerously close!
You are eternal and ageless.
You are faithful and forgiving.
You are good to me. You are good to us.
You are honestly the only person I can trust, I don’t even trust myself, only you.
You are inviting us to come close to you, to call out to you, to tell you we need you!
You are jealous for our attention and allegiance and our loyalty.
You are king of kings.
You are looking for me to recognise your power and influence on the issues going on around me. You are gently using my current situation to improve my character and somehow are working out your plan and protecting me, despite my poor choices.
You are majestic, you are marvellous, you are magnificently holy, true and too big for me to comprehend.
Jesus you are near. You are right beside us, waiting for us to turn to you, to stop ignoring you.
Jesus Christ you are the one way to God. You made the way open to us. I have messed up and missed out. I need your help. You saved me and took all my shame away, all I need is childlike faith and trust in you and you do the rest!
Lord Jesus you are perfect. Faultless.
In the quietness You speak life to me when I am still.
Lord Jesus you are my rescuer, you are real. You are ready for us to be ourselves with you.
Lord Jesus you are satisfying in a world where everything else fails to satisfy.
Lord Jesus you are true, trustworthy and tougher than we think!
Lord Jesus you are unstoppable.
You are victorious Jesus!
You are wonderful in every way. You are worthy of all praise! You are!
It is exciting knowing you. You are totally loving and know what’s best.
You know each one of us and felt each one of us was worth dying for. Jesus you died for me. What a friend you are!
You zealously care for me and I love you because you first loved me.


I am addicted to you!!!


Jesus my Saviour

You are my Lord. King of kings. I am addicted to you!

Lord you know everything going on in my life at the moment (and always!), you know that I am excited and a bit scared about the great responsibility in my new job. You know that I am a bit stressed about my housemate. And that I am gradually falling deeper in love with my bf… Lord you also know I haven’t been reading your Word regularly, I haven’t been setting aside time to pray and speak to you. I have neglected my quiet times and my idea for lent to go for a walk every day. Jesus the only thing I have been doing is praying as I go through my daily activities and singing along to worship CDs in the car. That is not good enough! I want more of you. I want to know you more! I want to be more hungry for your word!

Thank you for the passages I’m reading at the moment in Leviticus, Job and Acts. Thank you for the privilege of having unlimited access to the bible – that is so precious!

Thank you that my bf also has faith in you Jesus, it is such a blessing to have that in common. Lord please help me to live for you every day, in and out of work.
God I’m thinking of what happened today, a person I met said they do tarot and told me what they think is in store for me… What should I do?! I didn’t want to even hear that! Aagh!!!

Please protect me and fill me with your Holy Spirit, in Jesus name. Amen.