It’s all about you <3


Oh my!

What a day!

Thank you for answering prayer God.
And thank you that sometimes you don’t !

You are in control and I trust you.

You know me better than I know myself.

You are better than my wildest dreams!
You made the whole universe. You are mighty!

How can it be that you want us to know you personally!?

Jesus you are my everything. You are Lord of all.

Jesus thank you for dying for me even though you know I don’t deserve it and never could deserve it! Thank you for loving me even more than my parents do or any parents could love their child.

Sorry God for being judgemental.
Sorry God for being pre-occupied with myself.
Sorry God for not being loving to others.

Make me more like you Jesus.

You are wonderful.

You are powerful.

You are my firm foundation.

Thank you for holding me in the palm of your hand, for kissing the top of my head and comforting me every day and every night of my life. Even when I mess up so bad.

Help me to love others and to love you before myself.
Thanks for helping me be efficient with my work today.
You are so good to me. Bless me more! Amen xx


Do not awaken love before it is ready (SoS 2:7)


Dear Lord

You are good, so good, all the time! I adore you! I am amazed by you, I am in awe of you. You are a mystery, you are greater than I can express, you are beyond anything I’ve comprehended!

Sorry Lord for lying to so many people this week, including you know who! I felt so stressed and guilty about it, and now I don’t know what to expect – disapproval or punishment, I’m not sure which is worse tbh. I put a big portion of my pride into holding onto other people’s approval. Even that I need to confess ! Sorry lord, help me to be firstly concerned with your approval, which I know is unconditional so please just renew my desire to honour you.

Thank you God for my friends, even the couple who give me doubtful advice! Thank you for my family, thank you for helping me to have wisdom on Sunday evening. Thank you for my job and my lovely boss who cares about me and the other seniors for encouraging me!

Please God, may I not awaken love before it is ready! (Song of Songs 2:7)
Please God may I not build up an idealistic picture of _ in my head after one date.
Help me not put pressure on him, help him to manage his prior commitments well.
Help me to not scare him away by being too keen, but at the same time please help me to genuinely show my interest and be myself.

Lord I pray for him as he does his work today and youth fellowship this weekend, I pray for mine too, help me as I prepare the lesson and may the kids read the book and hear your voice to them individually. Lord Jesus I pray that you will help me catch up on all my work, choose good, meaningful gifts that will be appreciated and keep me safe as I drive today. Bless my brothers and sisters.

In Jesus name, amen!


Endless love


Dear God,

I just want to spend some time with you this morning, before clearing up everything from yesterday, before showering and getting ready for another day with the extended family, and before going back to work tomorrow. I do love my job though!

Thank you so much for—
1/ Warm snuggly pyjamas,
2/ A family who love me,
3/ Good health,
4/ Pretty clothes and jewellery,
5/ The ability and ready access to read your word
6/ Tasty and nutritious food
7/ Forgiveness, grace and mercy
8/ A great job
9/ Caring friends
10/ and last but definitely not least – your endless love

Please God show me what you want me to know today, help me to obey you. Lord you are my best friend, closer than a brother. You know everything about me. You know my name, you made me. You picked my physical features, my personality traits and gave me a soul. Lord help me to be a blessing to EVERYONE I meet and help me to make a difference in your name Jesus for the people in this world who I may or may not meet, who are the most vulnerable. Help me take my part in building your kingdom and thank you for the privilege of that!

Your disciples were not the most charismatic, charming, educated, richest men. You chose the unpopular, weak, uneducated, unrecognised, poor and simple people to spread your marvellous good news. Help me always remember that, sorry for judging people, please help me see them through your eyes Jesus…with compassion, genuine interest and seeing their potential and purpose and seeing the best in them.

God you are good, continue moulding me Lord, I have a long way to go, every day I mess up. Thank you for how easy it is to come to you, you are so approachable. I love you. Please speak to me now through your living word.

Glory to you Lord God.
Amen. Amen. Amen.


Inequality is awful


O Lord,

I’ve posted my application. May your will be done.

Last night I watched The Butler in the cinema. It’s crazy how black people were treated, and not that long ago either, separate seating in cafés, lower wages, no promotions, no rights.

Then I started thinking about us here today, separate schools for Roman Catholic and Protestant children. How shocking is that? Segregation still going on. Do I really want my children to grow up in that kind of divided environment?

Are there issues like this going on in every country? Hate in every family, every home, every person. What about love? Friendship. The Good Samaritan. WWJD. Charities…

Please God help me not to turn a blind eye when I see (or hear of) injustice, inequality, racism or sectarianism. God help me to do what Jesus did. You don’t look at outward appearance, you look at the heart. Please help me to see the best in everyone I come into contact with.

Sorry God for procrastinating. Sorry for not reading your word lately, or speaking to you as often recently. Help me to spend more time with you Jesus. Fill me up with your Holy Spirit, set a fire down in my soul, renew my love for you. I want to come fully back to you.

Thank you for your faithfulness and your provision, open my eyes to see the world as you see it and give me spiritual wisdom and godly understanding to realise creative solutions to the issues around me.

Christmas is coming. The season of celebrating your awesome provision.
May we celebrate your birthday appropriately and joyfully!
I love you.




He knows me better than I know myself!


Dear God,

I adore you! You are worthy. I love you. And worship you. Blessed be your name. May your will be done. Have your way in my life. You know best. May you be glorified.

Sorry God for being so consumed by my thoughts about that fella but I’m wondering does he have a gf, I don’t want to just ask him as that makes it too obvious that I am interested and he doesn’t even seem interested in me. I feel like I am getting mixed signals from him.

O God, give me wisdom to know what to do. Thank you for everything! Thank you that I can enjoy you, get to really know Jesus, thank you for how often I get to see my friends, for good health, the privilege of having a job helping the elderly, the luxury of going to the beach yesterday, the freedom of swimming in the sea and the joy of trying to dance!

Please God, help my sister in her work, to keep up to speed and to prepare well for her yearly review that is coming up. Bless her and thank you for how generous she is to me and such a good friend for keeping me accountable.

Please help me to run as fast as I can towards you Jesus. May nothing stop me or slow me down. I signed up to a dating agency but God may your will be done. That is all I desire.

You are so good. Even when I am unfaithful to you, you remain faithful. Thank you. I don’t deserve you. I don’t deserve anything good. You are completely awesome. May my first priority be honouring You and encouraging people to get closer to you!

In Jesus powerful name,


Greater than my wildest dreams

ImageLord God,

Wow your ways are mind blowing!
Far beyond my limited thinking.
Thank you that you are greater than I can comprehend, or even imagine in my wildest dreams.

God may My friend Ryan know how powerful it is to share his testimony. Rev12:11. You speak through it, your power is evident!

Lord I pray for his 2 mates who he is concerned about, may they search for you with all their hearts Jesus.

God thank you for my friends Lou, Linzi, Jill and Ciara. Help me to see them through your eyes, to share your good news with them and how passionately you love them!

May I be excited about you again. I don’t want to leave my first love (Rev2:4).

Lord transform my mind, do not let me be influenced by what the world has to offer. Protect me. How much time am I spending on fb, YouTube and Pinterest? Surely that influences me deep down. Rom12:2 and 2 Cor 6:14.

Sorry that so often I feel totally embarrassed to speak about you. That should not be.
Help me to be faithful to you, and overflowing with appreciation for your goodness!

May I not just have good intentions, may I be able to get on with living them out, let them become reality. Anything I do for you will never be wasted, even though it’s not easy or glamorous or fun. May it all be for your glory.

For you are good and your love endures.
Thank you. amen.



You increase

To wait for God is never a waste of time.O Lord, Hey last night I hoped that guy would want to meet up with me. He said he’d text when he found out what his mate was doing. I suppose at least I had a good night with my best friend – hot choc, crisps and popcorn, yum! He clearly isn’t interested in me, so please Lord help me to forget about him and focus on you. Lord you are worthy, you alone are worthy to receive glory, honour, praise, admiration and worship. I want to know you intimately, to hear your voice like Moses did. I want to love you more and be bold for you. Help me not to love worship music but to truly love you. Help me not to be infatuated with finding a husband, but to seek primarily to follow you Jesus. Change my life, shape me, teach me, test me, bless me, forgive me for taking my focus off you so easily. I am your bride, help me to be 100% committed to you, not like Gomer – which is how I act so easily. I want to glorify your name in all the earth. May I decrease and you increase. Who cares about anything else?! Blessed be your name. Show me more of yourself as I read your word now…