God is in control

Oh my God! I love you but seriously am scared at the prospect of having an interview so soon! Aaggh! Oh my goodness! Worrying about messing up big time, looked back at the cv I left in and noticed a really stupid mistake on it which so obviously shows I have cut and pasted the cv from a previous job I applied for!!! :-O

And Lord – I’m working this weekend!?! Bit of a bummer, work, revision and missing the bf…not the best combination ! Sigh! Well God thank you for the interview! I wasn’t expecting it!

Psalms 86:5
For you, O Lord, are good and forgiving, abounding in steadfast love to all who call upon you.

Lord Jesus

I adore you because you suffered to save me. You are humble, even though you are king of kings. Jesus you are compassionate, you turn the world’s values upside down. You never are selfish. You are God. All things work together because of you. You are so good.

Sorry God for always putting myself first, I seem to know no other way of living. Sorry God for always making excuses for not doing what I should be doing. Sorry for not being grateful and for complaining even though you are is good to me.

Thank you Lord for listening to me, thank you for letting me turn to you and return to you even after ignoring and disobeying you. Thank you for the unlimited opportunities I have to share your love, thank you for giving me the opportunity to get a promotion, thank you for my previous boss giving me advice and encouragement.

Please help me to take it on board, to learn what she’s recommended and to be ready and confident for the test. May your will be done! Lord I pray for g as she considers her options for next year, guide her to the doors you have opened for her. I pray for c as she volunteers at the games, give her energy and fill her with your Holy Spirit and joy. I pray for my friends who are not yet seeking you – please God help me to be a good influence on them. And finally I pray for my bf, bless him Lord Jesus, fill him up with your Holy Spirit and help me to love him and respect him in a way that glorifies you.

In Jesus’ mighty name I pray. Amen.


The greatest love


O God

How’s it going? What are your thoughts? What are your thoughts of me?
That I’m beautiful?
That is hard to take in!

What have I done? Am I selfish?
How would I be content in an LDR?!
I hope I haven’t offended R.
What do you think Heavenly Father ?
Help me to be careful and sensitive, open minded but realistic.

Lord, Holy Spirit, please help me to focus now as I read your word.
Thank you that your word speaks to me, it is living, it is like a double edged sword.

Please may your will be done in my life. Protect me, protect R.
Bless us and show us your ways. Direct us and lead us clearly.
Sorry for making a mess.
I need you God.
Thank you for your grace.

You died for me. There is no love greater than that.
And now you are alive and you rule !
Jesus Christ king of kings
Glory to you! Amen, amen, amen.


Endless love


Dear God,

I just want to spend some time with you this morning, before clearing up everything from yesterday, before showering and getting ready for another day with the extended family, and before going back to work tomorrow. I do love my job though!

Thank you so much for—
1/ Warm snuggly pyjamas,
2/ A family who love me,
3/ Good health,
4/ Pretty clothes and jewellery,
5/ The ability and ready access to read your word
6/ Tasty and nutritious food
7/ Forgiveness, grace and mercy
8/ A great job
9/ Caring friends
10/ and last but definitely not least – your endless love

Please God show me what you want me to know today, help me to obey you. Lord you are my best friend, closer than a brother. You know everything about me. You know my name, you made me. You picked my physical features, my personality traits and gave me a soul. Lord help me to be a blessing to EVERYONE I meet and help me to make a difference in your name Jesus for the people in this world who I may or may not meet, who are the most vulnerable. Help me take my part in building your kingdom and thank you for the privilege of that!

Your disciples were not the most charismatic, charming, educated, richest men. You chose the unpopular, weak, uneducated, unrecognised, poor and simple people to spread your marvellous good news. Help me always remember that, sorry for judging people, please help me see them through your eyes Jesus…with compassion, genuine interest and seeing their potential and purpose and seeing the best in them.

God you are good, continue moulding me Lord, I have a long way to go, every day I mess up. Thank you for how easy it is to come to you, you are so approachable. I love you. Please speak to me now through your living word.

Glory to you Lord God.
Amen. Amen. Amen.


Turn my mess into a message


Dear Jesus,

My life is a mess! O my word! Double booked myself next Sunday afternoon. Slept in this morning. Late sending off my job application. Dunno what to get my big brother for his birthday coming up soon!!!

Lord you see me, thank you for wakening me before I slept too long today. Thank you for helping me get an early night tonight. It was so good seeing my relatives last night. Thank you that I got my Christmas shopping started too!!!

Should I buy Christian Aid charity gifts for some of my family? Or a different charity? Or what??!

Lord please help me to take responsibility and face the consequences of my actions tomorrow. Thank you that you are ALWAYS with me.

Jesus I pray for my sister who is sick, my friend whose dad has cancer, my dad and his partner, my brother and his gf, my brother and his new work and my brother who is halfway through his work period. I pray that you would grant my other brother rest now after all his night shifts and bless my friend C in her work, in her relationships and in her faith.

God you are good, you are great, you are amazing! You made the world so creatively, you look after us so completely and you sent us Jesus so compassionately!!! Thank you for loving me. 🙂

I love you too.