Shaken but determined

Dear God
I had a horrid argument with someone very close to me and it was so stressful I could feel my heart pounding, myself shaking, sweating suddenly and all I wanted to do was run. 😦
Lord please help me to move forward now. My mind keeps replaying snippets of what was said.

Please help me to forgive and see things how you see them. Lord please may this not be a damper on my whole weekend or week. Lord help me be slow to anger. God take away my arrogance and envy.

Lord thank you for helping me to stop procrastinating yesterday. Thank you for the perfect weather we’ve had this week.

Lord I think I need someone to pray with me. Should I ask the person I argued with, or my bf, or the prayer ministry team? Please Lord fill me up with your Holy Spirit, with godly wisdom and spiritual wisdom.

Restore our trust, friendship and regard for each other. Normally I avoid conflict at all costs – even to a fault! And now I feel shaken, heartbroken and crushed 😦

Lord help me to remember you love me, you made me, I am your child, You are King of Kings, you are my Rock, you are my comforter. I love you and you never leave me, you love me faithfully and unconditionally. Thank you Jesus!



Show me how to pray…


Jesus you rule.

I am so glad.
Lord you know everything.
I have only experienced the tip of the iceberg.
You made the entire universe.
You are perfect.
Sorry God for my silly jealousy.
Sorry God for my persistent self centredness.
Sorry Lord for my massive pride.
Thank you for the lady who told me I have a big ego…Bless her!
Thank you for my wonderful bf.
Thank you for his sweet kindness to me.
Thank you for my rewarding job.
Thank you for loving me unconditionally and more than I’ll ever know.
Thank you that I can count on you every time.
Please God show me how to pray.
Do I ask you to heal mrK’s tumour?
Or that the surgery would go well?
I don’t have a clue.
But most importantly of all – draw him closer to you.
Please strengthen and comfort Mgt on the death of her dad.
Please bless my bestie in her new job and new home.
And please help me find a mortgage – may your will be done.
You know what is next.
I’m glad I don’t!
Thank you Jesus.


I can only imagine…

Lord, hello again!

Please, please the war in Gaza needs to stop! Is there anything I can do? I feel too small and too far away to make any difference, but God I know it’s breaking your heart. Children are being blasted to bits and Satan is pleased to take away their future and hope. Please Jesus step in there and end this. Protect those innocent little ones, they need you Almighty Father.

What can I do?
I think the most powerful thing is to pray!

You are awesome God, you are all-powerful.
Thank you that you are in control, even though I don’t understand.

I give you glory. You work things out better than I can ever even imagine.


Fill me up!

1 Tim4:12 – Let no one despise you for your youth, but set the believers an example in speech, in conduct, in love, in faith, in purity.

Dear God
So much to adore you for! You are totally holy, you never make mistakes, you never change your mind, you are love.

So much to ask forgiveness for – sorry for drinking too much on Saturday night, sorry for being lazy, sorry for always putting myself first, sorry for putting off being obedient to you. Sorry for putting people down behind their back.

So much to thank you for! Thanks for letting us come to you to say sorry and for allowing us to draw near to you even though I am far from perfect. Thanks for the fun day yesterday. Thank you for giving me such a loving, generous and thoughtful boyfriend! Thank you that I got to apply for that job last week and thank you for the upcoming interview opportunity. Thank you for my best friend moving home soon.

Please God may she want to know you, please God fill me up with the Holy Spirit and godly wisdom so I can be bold enough to encourage her and help build up her faith. Please God may my bf not be disappointed that I missed the BBQ on sat night and that I’m not seeing him today. Please bless him and his friends, keep them safe and draw them closer to you every day. Please bless my room mate, bless her abundantly and richly, for your glory Jesus.

You are the only thing worth living for. You are my provider, my encourager, my comforter, my protector and my healer!

One day with you is better than a thousand elsewhere…ps84:10



…the greatest of these is love.


Oh my goodness Lord God! My boyfriend said he loved me yesterday and it made my heart leap for joy! 😀

Aww I feel so chuffed! Thank you God for bringing him into my life, he is 100x better than I deserve!!!

God bless him and may his love for You increase more and more every day. Fill him up with your Holy Spirit, peace, joy and hope. And me too!

God I love him so much! ❤

God should I pray with him? Should I initiate it or wait and let him? I need wisdom!

Help me to respect him, encourage him, build him up and always to think before I speak! God forgive me for the couple of times I’ve told him off, been cheeky and made fun of him. He is gentle, sweet, generous, patient, peace making, courageous and fit!

Jesus you are my number one desire! You are perfect, holy, merciful, you never break your promises, you never change your mind, you are good all the time.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!
In Jesus’ mighty and precious name.


Desperate for you


God you are good, please help me to do my best to help this client now. Help her to be able to manage to get up and be as active as possible.

Lord I love you, I’m desperate for you. Fill me up with the Holy Spirit, with spiritual understanding and with godly wisdom, help me to honour you in everything I do.

Sorry God for taking so little time to spend alone with you lately. Please forgive me and help me now to get into a better routine this lent. I have decided to go for a walk every day in the 6 weeks running up to Easter, the idea is to take time while I’m out walking to pray and to listen to you. 

God you are soo good!

I love you loads!