Shaken but determined

Dear God
I had a horrid argument with someone very close to me and it was so stressful I could feel my heart pounding, myself shaking, sweating suddenly and all I wanted to do was run. 😦
Lord please help me to move forward now. My mind keeps replaying snippets of what was said.

Please help me to forgive and see things how you see them. Lord please may this not be a damper on my whole weekend or week. Lord help me be slow to anger. God take away my arrogance and envy.

Lord thank you for helping me to stop procrastinating yesterday. Thank you for the perfect weather we’ve had this week.

Lord I think I need someone to pray with me. Should I ask the person I argued with, or my bf, or the prayer ministry team? Please Lord fill me up with your Holy Spirit, with godly wisdom and spiritual wisdom.

Restore our trust, friendship and regard for each other. Normally I avoid conflict at all costs – even to a fault! And now I feel shaken, heartbroken and crushed 😦

Lord help me to remember you love me, you made me, I am your child, You are King of Kings, you are my Rock, you are my comforter. I love you and you never leave me, you love me faithfully and unconditionally. Thank you Jesus!